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Candous Brown, a 13-year veteran of the classroom and author of My Life As an Educator: What My Teacher Education Program Didn’t Teach Me, resides in Memphis, TN where she has taught English, Language Arts, Etymology, and Mythology to students in grades 8-12. Her educational background in English Literature, coupled with pedagogical strategies, has given her the tools necessary to reach and teach the diverse groups of students who have entered her classroom over the years.


Her effectiveness in the classroom has been recognized by her peers who nominated her for Educator of the Year (2018), by her State Representatives who awarded her a House Resolution (2018), and by the education department at Christian Brothers University (BA and MAT) which awarded her the Outstanding

M. A. T. Educator Award for 2018.

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When Candous is not educating and mentoring the city’s youth and new teachers, she enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her son. 

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