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They Caught Me!

Anytime I’m at the front of my classroom, or in the halls, or just at work in general, I am fully aware that eyes are on me. For better or worse, I get caught being myself. I get caught fussing, being dramatic, dancing, and just all around performing in my classroom. It’s not a bad thing. The pics and videos that my kids catch of me are beyond hilarious- and this time was no different. So... the other day I was at my desk grading papers when my co-teacher came in smiling. I knew she was up to no good so I asked what she needed. She gave me the task of reviewing some student data, giving her some performance feedback based on what witness from the student in the classroom, and signing off on documentation stating we had met and discussed next steps for said student. I had to give her a hard time. I whined and complained that I had cramps in my fingers. I fell back in the chair crying that my wrist ached from all the paperwork I was doing because I was so behind due to being absent. The kids were screaming, laughing because, “Ms. Brown does the most!” and, “Ms. Brown is so EXTRA!”

Of course I finally signed the papers and went back to being the AMAZING educator that I am (LOL!).

The next day, one of my students asked if I’d seen my pictures. Of course I had no idea what she was talking about. She informed me that I should check the cameroll on my phone- so I did. And when I saw it I HOLLERED! I’m talking full on belly laugh! In the midst of my conversation with the teacher the previous day, one of my babies caught some excellent candid shots that fully captured my personality. I recently used one of the photos in a contest where I asked my Facebook family and friends to make a caption for or a meme out of the photo. I allowed several students to choose the winner of the contest, and that person wour receive an autographed copy of my book. I’m proud to share the winning post.

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