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How is it ALWAYS a Teacher Issue?

So I was driving home from work the other day, and the DL Hughley show was on the radio. Typically, my radio isn't on, but since it's December- Christmas Music. Anyway, he was discussing hot topics on the show and brought up the school shooting that took place in Michigan not too long ago. The question he posed to the audience was this, "Who's fault is it for this school shooting- the school, the kid, or the parents?"

Immediately, I was triggered. Why are schools always blamed for the negative issues in communities? What exactly were the teachers supposed to have done in this situation?

Far too often, schools and teachers are blamed for things that are truly the parenting issues. Were the pilots of the planes that crashed during 9-11 blamed for the actions of terrorists? No, they weren't. So why should teachers and schooled be held accountable for the terrorists that come in with guns and let off rounds without regard to life?

Teachers aren't even trusted to manage their own classrooms, plan their lessons, or create examinations. So, why are they trusted to disarm potential shooters?

Teachers shouldn't be doing metal detection duty. Isn't that why they have SROs? Teachers shouldn't be searching bags and bodies for weapons. Why are officers on campus if that is not part of their job description?

Let me tell you who I believe is at fault- the parents. How is it that your child left the house with a weapon? Do parents not check bags anymore? Do they not enter their children's rooms anymore? Are discussions not taking place between parents and children? I just don't understand it. There is only so much the school and its teachers can do. At the end of the day, the child spend more time at home than at school, so why is the home not the first thing that is mentioned? After the parents, this entire incident is the fault of the student. It was the student who made the ultimate decision to get a weapon, load it, and fire it at his peers. Neither the school nor its teachers had nothing to do with the parents obtaining a weapon. Neither the school nor its teachers had anything to do with the student deciding to take the loaded weapon to school and open fire, killing and injuring innocent. Both of these things had EVERYTHING to do with the parents and child and whatever deficits were present in the home.

I wish people would stop blaming teachers... Place the culpability where it rightfully belongs.

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