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Candous Brown My Life As An Educator

My Life As An Educator...

After 13 years in the classroom, I decided to leave the district in which I worked to
passionately educate students.

My Mission

I am committed to a vision in which ever

What I Do

Teacher Mentor and education services
Student workshops and parent workshops in Memphis
Memphis tutoring services and homeschooling
No upcoming events at the moment

In My Life as an Educator, I discuss the highs and lows of my experiences in the classroom. Each chapter includes a lesson I learned as a result of my experiences from that particular year. Because the book was originally intended to be a devotional, there are several scriptural excerpts in the final section of the text and I relate them to specific situations that took place in my classroom or certain students I met while teaching. 

What My Students Have Said...

Former Student

You helped me so much in high school. I’m now married, have one kid, I just got a new job and a house and 2 cars.

Former Student

Everybody love you Ms. Brown you was my favorite .

Former Student

I still talk about you to this day , you really left a mark on me.

Former Student

You were a big help, everything you taught I’ve used it to help me.

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